How to Uninstall Avast Secure Browser and Remove it Completely [Guide]

Installing  is a common thing we do most of the time on our system.  But sometimes we do need to uninstall different program to clean our system. If you have accidentally installed something that is not required on your system then you can uninstall it easily through the C Panel but if you have Avast Secure Browser then this uninstallation part becomes difficult. Here is a complete guide to uninstall Avast Secure Browser Completely from Window.


What is Avast Secure Browser?

We all know how an adware gets installed into our system without our knowledge.  Avast is one of the powerful antiviruses available in the market. While installing Avast, we just keep on running the installer without knowing the addon that gets downloaded and installed.

These addons are Avast Secure browser (Web Security Browser extension), PC cleaner and a Password Manager.  Sometimes we used to keep our system clean from unwanted application and uninstalling a software completely takes time.

It is obvious after uninstalling an application or software, there are some directories and other left overs like cookies and temporary files and these are very much essential to be removed to keep our system clean and in good condition.

Avast Secure Browser is an adware of the Avast Antivirus and if you want to get rid of that then you can follow our guide.

In simple words, Avast browser is an extension that is installed on your browser (chrome, IE, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Avast Secure Browser is basically an adware that is to be removed from your computer before it invites unethical users to dig inside your system.

Why Avast Secure Browser isn’t Uninstalling or Hard to Remove?

As we have already explained about adware programs and it is very difficult to remove from the system because of the tendency of reinstalling in background. If any leftover file or directory is left then Avast Secure Browser won’t get deleted completely.

Avast is a powerful Antivirus that protects us from the viruses and malwares but to keep an eye on the browser, they have extension for chrome and addon for Firefox to keep us safe from cyber-attacks.

If you sure to remove Avast browser then you’ll have to uninstall it from control panel, remove all directories and at last remove extensions from all browsers installed on your system.


Why do People hate Avast Secure Browser?

Most people didn’t like the approach of installing Avast Secure Browser without asking the user. This is basically an addon with Avast Antivirus and it creates taskbar shortcuts on the system of its own. They don’t seek user permission.

Of course, this is a good addon for your web security indeed but it should get installed only if a user wants to uninstall.

How to Remove Avast Secure Browser

There are multiple ways to remove any unwanted program in Windows OS. Within this post you’ll learn how to remove Avast secure browser from Windows OS including 7 and 10 with all left overs files and folders.

Remove Avast Secure Browser on Windows 10

Windows 10 is a power operating system that provides lots of powerful features to optimize the performance of the system. Here is the step-by-step guide to remove Avast secure browser from windows 10.

via Control Panel

  1. Press the Windows icon on your keyboard and then search for Apps and Features.
    Apps and Features
  2. You’ll see a lot of installed apps on your laptop. Search for the Avast secure browser and click on uninstall.
  3. Now, a dialogue box will be opened and you just need to keep on clicking next to remove it from system.uninstall process avast browser
  4. You may or may not provide survey that comes after the Avast secure browser is removed.uninstall complete

Clean Registry

90% of the work is finished and rest 10% is to be finished in next 2 minutes. Now, we have registry files for the Avast browser and we need to delete it too so we have a completely cleaned system.

  1. First, Open the command prompt using the keyboard combination WIN+R and then type Regedit to open the registry files of the system. [Note: Registry files are very important for the smooth functioning of the system and if any of the registry file is deleted or moved from its location then you’ll be in trouble]registry backup
  1. First, we will take the backup of the registry files for safety reasons. You need to go to the files section on the top and then click on export, you’ll be asked to provide the location for the registry files to be saved. Make sure you save it in a safe place.
  1. Now, we have to delete all files, folder and directories from the system that has Avast Secure Browser evidence. Press CTRL+F and search for Avast Browser.removing registry
  1. Delete all the files and entries one by one until all files are deleted.
  1. Right click on the Recycle Bin and click on empty.
  1. Restart your System. The Avast Secure browser is completely uninstalled from Windows 10 now.


Remove Avast Secure Browser on Windows 7

For windows 7 users, you can replicate the same steps as we have mentioned for Windows 10. But for deleting the Avast left overs, you can use CC Cleaner software to speedup the process of uninstalling.


Third party Software

There are many third-party software called uninstallers that can take just a few minutes and remove all evidence of Avast Secure Browser from the system, registry files and browsers. One of the best uninstallers is REVO that I personally use on my system but it is completely optional as you can perform all activities manually.


Window Restore

This powerful feature of Windows Laptop provides Jesus Powers to Administrator as you can revert your system few months back when you have not installed Avast Antivirus. If no antivirus is installed then there is no chance of having Avast secure browser installed on your system and browser.

Restoring window is an easy process, you just need to right click on My Computer and select Properties. You’ll get an option for System Protection >> System Restore

system restore window

From the System Restore windows you can help your computer to time travel in past.


Uninstall Avast Online Security from Web Browsers

Avast Online Security is an Addon or we can call it extension for your web browsers. The main purpose of Avast Online Security is to provide extra security from hackers, Phishing and other types of web attacks. If you no longer wants to use this extension then here is a complete guide to remove it from your web browser.


Remove Avast Secure Browser from Chrome

Chrome is the widely used web browser in the world. Chrome provides an easy platform to install some external extensions so you can be more productive in less time. Avast installs its extension called Avast Online Security in chrome browser that may not be liked by everyone.

Here is the guide to get rid of Avast browser from Chrome.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and navigate to Menu
  2. Select More Tools >> Extensionsgoogle chrome
  3. Now, search for Avast Online Security and remove it
  4. Enjoy, Avast secure browser is successfully removed from Chrome browser.


Remove Avast Secure Browser from Firefox

Firefox is a web browser by Mozilla Pvt Ltd which was founded in 1998. Before Chrome, this was the fastest web browser but still Firefox is used by millions of people on daily basis. If you have Avast secure browser addon inside Firefox and wants to remove it then you can refer our below guide.

  1. Open the Firefox Menu and select Add-onsuninstall avast browser from firefox
  2. In the left side of the opened window, you’ll see a tab called Open it and locate Avast Online Security.
  3. Select the Extension and click on remove.get rid of avast security firefox
  4. You have successfully removed Avast Online Security from Firefox.


Remove Avast Secure Browser from Microsoft Edge

If you are a Microsoft lover then you might have Microsoft Edge as your web browser. Here is the tutorial to remove Avast Online Security from Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open the browser and select Menure,ove avast secure browser from edge
  2. Now, Select Extensions
  3. Search for Avast Online Security and Select it.
  4. Click on the Gear icon picture and choose to Uninstall.
  5. Now Avast Secure Browser is completely removed from your browser.



People Also Ask (FAQ)


How to Disable Avast Browser?

If you want to disable Avast browser that means you are not satisfied with the software. Here is the guide to disable the software at startup.

1) Open the Task Manager [ CTRL +ALT + DEL]

2)  Go to Startup Tab. Here you’ll see all the apps that starts executing themselves automatically once the window is up.

3) From here search for the Avast Secure Browser, select it and click on disable.

4) Now, the app is disable and won’t bother you again.


Avast Secure Browser Removal Tool

There are many paid and free removal tools for Avast Secure Browser but I prefer you to save money here and learn to do it manually as this is relatively easy and you don’t have to be an IT professional to follow guide. You can refer the method mentioned inside the article.


How Do I turn off Avast Secure Browser?

If you want to turn off Avast Secure Browser then you can disable it from the task manager and then enable it once your work is finished.


Can’t Uninstall Avast Secure Browser Completely?

The reason behind not uninstalling Avast browser is that you might have deleted some of the important files from the installed directory. Try to reinstall it and then uninstall it.

If nothing works for you then you should restore your window.


How do I Get Rid of Avast Secure Browser?

  1. Uninstalling it from Control Panel
  2. Use Avast Uninstaller to uninstall it completely.
  3. System Restore
  4. Disable it from the Task Manager.
  5. Use an External uninstaller to get rid of this Avast product.


How to Remove Avast Secure Browser from Registry?

Open the Command Prompt and type Regedit and press enter. Now, you’ll have to use the search function and type Avast Browser, you’ll get lots of directories and files. Delete all the files and you are done uninstalling Avast browser from Registry.


How to Remove Avast Secure Browser Opens on Startup?
How to Stop Avast Secure Browser on Startup?

  1. Open the task manager and select Startup
  2. Here you’ll see lots of apps that runs automatically once you start your system.
  3. Search for Avast Secure Browser and Select it.
  4. Now at the bottom of the task manager, select disable.
  5. Enjoy you just removed Avast Secure Browser opens at startup.


Is Avast Secure Browser Safe?

This is an Avast product and Avast is a top most company when it comes to the production of powerful Antiviruses. If you feel, you need this browser for your safety then go for it otherwise remove it.

It’s a clean Avast product free from Trojans, viruses and malwares.


Avast Browser Uninstall.exe not found

If uninstall.exe is not found inside the root directory then you can download it from the official Avast website. Once downloaded copy it into the root folder and run as Administrator.