How to Uninstall Angular CLI in Simple Steps

Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) is basically a tool to test your Angular applications on the windows machine without wasting time to reinstalling the newly created software again and again after debugging the bugs.

If you are a software developer then this Angular CLI is going to help you to create Angular application/ software in a fast, efficient and robust environment.

Sometimes you may face issues while installing the Angular CLI so it’s very much essential to know – how to uninstall Angular CLI so you’ll be able to fix run time issues that may be arise later.

What is Angular CLI?

Angular cli is a powerful Command line interface from where you can initialize, develop and maintain your Angular application.

This tool helps a developer to save time and test their application in seamless environment until a perfect, stable and secure application is developed.

How to Uninstall Angular CLI?


As we have already explained why one should know how to uninstall angular cli to have more control on the Angular platform.  Here is the step by step guide to uninstall Cli.

How to Uninstall Angular CLI in windows?

If you are using a windows PC with OS (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) then you can follow below steps

1. Open the command prompt Run>>Cmd
2. Execute the following command

npm uninstall -g @angular/cli

3. Once the above command is executed. Now, you’ll have to run command no. 2 listed below to clean cache.

npm cache clean – force

4. You may also get a warning message “I hope you know what you are doing” just skip this and wait a few seconds.
5. Enjoy, Angular cli is successfully removed from the system.

If you are still not sure if these commands have uninstalled angular cli then you can try the below command to verify.

ng – version

If this command is executed with an error message that means the work is done and successful.

How to Uninstall Angular cli in Mac?

All the commands will remain the same as of windows OS but you just need to open the terminal window in mac where you can execute commands.

1. Open Terminal
2. Paste npm uninstall -g @angular/cli and execute
3. Once the above command is executed, you need to execute another command npm cache clean – force to completely clean the cache folder.
4. Enjoy, the Angular cli is successfully uninstalled from your Mac.

How to Check Angular CLI Version?

Sometimes its necessary to know the version of your Angular CLI so on the basis of that you can install other components.

Check Angular CLI version in Windows

If you are using a windows PC then you can execute the below command after the command shell is opened through Run>>Cmd

ng –version
ng v

You can use any of the above command and once the command is executed, you’ll get the Angular CLI version which is already installed on your system.

Check the Angular CLI version in Mac

It doesn’t matter which OS you are using to check the Angular cli version. You just need to know how to open the terminal and then use the same command for version.

You just need to search for Terminal in Finder


ng –version