How to Uninstall and Bypass Qustodio from Android Mobile

Qustodio is among the top parental control apps and provides exceptional functionalities to parents to control children’s online activity for different mobile phones (iPhone, Android)  and PC. However, no one wants to be tracked, so you should read our Guide to bypass Qustodio from an Android device if you are an Android user.

Step 1: Completely switch off your Android mobile phone and wait for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Now, its time to switch on the mobile phone and make sure you perform all the below steps fast before the Qustodio app runs in the background.

Step 3: Qustodio is a heavy app, and it takes 1-2 minutes to load completely inside your Android device.

Step 4: Navigate to Settings>>Security>>Device Administrator

Step 5: You’ll see an option called Qustodio; click on the checkmark next to it, and this time you won’t see any restriction message as Qustodio is not running.

Step 6: Now, quickly remove and uninstall Qustodio from Android completely. Tap the Qustodio icon and click uninstall.

Step 7: Enjoy. You have removed Qustodio from your Android mobile phone.


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Qustodio is a tricky program to uninstall, but you can easily uninstall Qustodio from Android and other mobile operating systems if you have a smart mindset.