Working styles have evolved today. With the dawn of the freelancing age, people now set up shop right at home rather than investing in a workplace which is costly. Instead, they opt for a multi-monitor setup where they can multitask on tasks rather than do just one at a time. This improves productivity and is also quite economic to execute since displays today have become very inexpensive.

Windows 10 supports a multi-display setup and also allows you to take screenshots of a selected display if desired.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to take a screenshot of only one monitor on Windows 10.

Step 1. Use your mouse to place the cursor on the monitor that you want to screenshot.



Step 2. Use the ‘CTRL + ALT + PRTSC‘ combination to take a screenshot of the monitor.



Step 3. From the Start Menu, open the Paint application.



Step 4. Press ‘CTRL+V‘ to paste the screenshot into the Paint window.



Step 5. Save the screenshot in the desired location using the ‘CTRL+S‘ key combination.

The screenshot will now be saved in the desired location.

The limitation of this method is that it works only if there is another program running on the secondary monitor. If you want to take a simple screenshot of the secondary monitor, you can use the method given below.

Step 1. From the Start menu, open the ‘Snip and Sketch‘ application.



Step 2. Press ‘CTRL+N‘ to take a new screenshot.


screenshot one monitor


Step 3. Click on the rectangle selection tool from the toolbar.



Step 4. Click and drag the cursor from one corner to the other on the monitor you want to capture.



Step 5. Press ‘CTRL+S‘ to save the screenshot.

These are the solutions that can be used to take a screenshot of only one monitor on Windows 10.