How to screenshot on Windows

How to screenshot on Windows

Screenshots are an essential skill for any Windows 11 user to master. Whether you want to snapshot a funny error message, save a picture-perfect game moment or capture steps for a tutorial, screenshots help save visual information for later use.

And the best part? Taking screenshots on Windows 11 is super simple if you know which tools to use!

This handy guide will cover multiple methods to capture, edit and share screenshots on Windows 11. Follow along and you’ll soon become a screenshot pro!


Native Print Screen Button


how to screenshot on windows


The easiest way to take a screenshot on Windows is by using the Print Screen (PrtScn) button on your keyboard.

  • Hit the PrtScn button to instantly grab the entire screen view and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Then paste the screenshot image into a document or image editing app like Paint.
  • You can also press ALT + PrtScn to snapshot only the currently active window instead of the full display.

So whenever you just need a quick full or window screenshot, rely on the trusty PrtScn button to do the job!


Snipping Tool


How to screenshot on Windows


When you need to capture a specific rectangular region on your screen, turn to the built-in Snipping Tool.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to use it:

  1. Launch Snipping Tool from the Start menu or taskbar search.
  2. Click New to reveal the entire screen area.
  3. Drag your mouse pointer across the specific area you want to screenshot.
  4. The selected region will display in the Snipping Tool editor.
  5. Save the image file or copy/paste it directly if needed.

Additionally, you can also use Snipping Tool to screenshot an open window or custom shape region without the background. It’s a versatile built-in option for tailored screenshots!


Game Bar


How to screenshot on Windows


Windows 11 also bundles the handy Game Bar with multiple relevant tools for gaming purposes. And one of those tools allows taking screenshots of your game screen!

  • Launch any game in full screen mode.
  • Press the Windows key + G to open the Game Bar interface overlay.
  • Click the camera icon to take a screenshot of your current game screen which gets saved automatically.

So next time you pull off an epic gaming moment like defeating that end-level boss fight, remember to use Game Bar and immortalize it with a sweet screenshot!


Cloud Screenshot Tool

This is a relatively hidden gem Windows screenshot tool for the cloud age!

  • Open the Notifications Center and expand the Quick Actions tab.
  • You would see a Screen snip button here.
  • Click it and a countdown timer will begin for 5 seconds.
  • Choose the screen area to screenshot in that duration.
  • The screenshot will get copied to your clipboard automatically while also saving a copy straight to your OneDrive cloud storage account!

It’s an incredibly convenient tool to take quick screenshots and have a cloud backup ready instantly. No more worrying about losing that important screenshot again!


Comparison of Screenshot Tools

Here is a handy comparison table highlighting the unique advantages of the various Windows 11 screenshot tools:

Feature Print Screen Snipping Tool Game Bar Cloud Screenshot
Full screen snapshots Yes Yes Yes (games only) Yes
Region/window captures No Yes No Yes
Built-in editing No Yes No No
Auto-save capabilities No No Yes (games only) Yes (cloud storage)
Custom shape screenshots No Yes No No

As you can observe, each Windows 11 screenshot tool has specific strengths. Combining the right tool per scenario will help you extract maximum utility while taking screenshots!


Bonus Tips and Tricks

And here few some pro tips to further level up your screenshot game on Windows 11:

  • Use shortcut Ctrl + V when pasting screenshots in documents to directly embed the image instead of a file path.
  • Modify the screenshot save folder location as needed in Snipping Tool settings.
  • Try out the snazzy new screenshot Editor tab in Snipping Tool!
  • Edit screenshots using the integrated Photos app editing tools.
  • Use Win + Shift + S shortcut to launch cloud screenshots and even annotate them.
  • Set up OneDrive to automatically back up screenshots folder online.