How to Save Posts on Reddit , Quora and DevRant

How to Save Posts on Reddit , Quora and DevRant

Participating in online forums and message boards is a great way to connect with others who share your interests. As you read through different threads and posts, you’ll likely come across some really helpful, insightful, or just plain entertaining content. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to easily save these gems to refer back to later?

Fortunately, most forum platforms make it simple to bookmark posts so you can revisit them whenever needed. In this guide, we’ll walk through the step-by-step process for saving threads and posts on some of the most popular forum sites.

Overview of Saving Forum Content

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s briefly go over some key terms and concepts related to archiving online conversations:

  • Forum – The overall message board which contains many discussion topics and threads. Forums focus on specific subjects like technology, sports, gaming, etc.
  • Threads – Top-level conversations within a forum. Each thread has a title indicating the main subject being discussed.
  • Posts – Individual replies made within a thread by forum members. Posts display together chronologically to form back-and-forth conversations.
  • Bookmarks – Personal shortcuts you can create to easily retrieve your saved forum content later. Most forums let you bookmark full threads or individual posts.

Now let’s look at the step-by-step instructions for saving discussions on three of the most widely-used forum platforms:

Saving on Reddit


How to Save Posts on Reddit , Quora and DevRant


Reddit is one of the largest, most active online communities in the world. With endless discussions happening across thousands of “Subreddits,” it’s easy to lose track of meaningful posts.

Follow these instructions to bookmark Reddit content:

Bookmarking a Post

  1. Navigate to the post you want to save within a Subreddit thread.
  2. Click the bookmark icon located below the text. This will save the post to your personal Reddit profile under “Saved.”
  3. To access your saved posts later, click on your username in the top right corner and select “Saved.”

Bookmarking a Subreddit

  1. Navigate to the Subreddit homepage you want to bookmark.
  2. Click the “Join” button to become a member of that community. This adds the Subreddit to your personal “My Communities” list.
  3. To revisit, click on “My Communities” in the top left navigation bar and select the Subreddit.


Saving on Quora


How to Save Posts on Reddit , Quora and DevRant


Quora also facilitates crowdsourced question answering and knowledge sharing across every topic imaginable. Follow these simple actions to save content for later reference:

Bookmark an Answer

  1. While reading an insightful answer, click the bookmark icon found below the text.
  2. To access your bookmarked answers, select “Bookmarks” from your user profile dropdown menu.

Bookmark a Question

  1. Navigate to the intriguing question page you want to revisit later.
  2. Select “Follow Question” underneath the question text. This adds it to the “Following” section of your profile.
  3. To return to your bookmarked questions, choose “Following” under your profile name.


Saving on devRant

DevRant offers community forums tailored specifically for developers and programmers. Here is how to locally cache interesting devRant rants and threads:

Save a Rant

  1. Read an enlightening or witty devRant.
  2. Click the bookmark ribbon icon next to the rant text or image.
  3. View your saved rants by clicking your username and selecting “Bookmarks”.

Save a Thread

  1. Locate an active discussion with valuable insights.
  2. Choose “Share” below the original post, then select “Copy Link”.
  3. Paste the URL somewhere convenient like a text file for safekeeping.

Comparison of Saving Methods

Platform Save a Post Save a Thread/Community
Reddit Bookmark Icon Join Button
Quora Bookmark Icon Follow Question
devRant Bookmark Icon Copy Link

As you can see, all popular forum sites make it easy to flag posts and full conversations for reviewing later on. The specific steps may be a little different, but the outcome is the same — building your own personal cache of meaningful information!

Why Save Discussions?

Preserving memorable conversations, debates, and advice by digitally archiving forum threads serves multiple useful purposes:

  • Convenient references – Having shortcuts to detailed answers or insider tips saves tons of time re-researching topics later.
  • Tracking progress – Following longer conversations lets you catch up on latest updates effortlessly.
  • Discovering connections – Noticing overlap between saved posts can reveal new relationships between topics.
  • Sparing others’ time – Rather than re-asking questions, you can simply share your bookmarked wisdom!

Of course you may be wondering — how many threads or posts are reasonable to save? My friend, that depends on your unique interests, goals, and forum engagement levels!

Starting small is wise – cherry pick only the most helpful or transformative posts at first. As your collection grows, you can revisit it periodically to curate and organize pieces that no longer seem relevant.

Final Tips for Forum Content Curation

If you invest time participating in forums, then preserving some conversations is downright productive. To recap, here is some guidance for smoothly managing your saved threads:

  • Categorize – Group similar posts together using folders or tags for easy discovery later.
  • Take notes – Jot down quick summaries or key quotes to jog your memory on each piece’s purpose.
  • Make connections – Identify intersections between posts that reveal deeper insights.
  • Paraphrase alongside sharing – When possible, summarize main points using your own words rather than simply quoting whole passages.
  • Delete outdated posts – If certain conversations or advice become obsolete, remove them from your collection.

I hope these steps empower you to more effectively leverage forums for knowledge sharing and growth. Never lose sight of great advice or ideas again – start archiving meaningful discussions on your favorite communities!

Which posts resonate enough for you to save long-term? Are there any other creative strategies to organize bookmarked content? Let’s exchange ideas and encouragement to become masters of productive online discourse!