How to Organize Your Apps Using iOS's App Library

How to Organize Your Apps Using iOS’s App Library

If you’re an organization junkie with an iPhone, iOS provides a valuable feature for you: the App Library, which organizes your applications into named categories to make them simpler to access. All of your current applications may be seen there, as well as any apps you download, which were introduced with iOS 14.

Here are several methods to get started with the App Library if you haven’t already.

Method 1 – Automated App Grouping

On your home screen, the App Library shows as a distinct page. Swipe left from wherever you are on your home screen, and the App Library will be the final page you reach.

It automatically arranges your programs into folders labeled with different categories. For example, Suggestions, Recently Added, Utilities, Photo & Video, Productivity & Finance, Social, Other, Entertainment, and Information & Reading were all on the list the last time we checked our iPhone App Library. Each folder is separated into four quadrants, with each quadrant displaying an app icon. When there are more than four apps in a folder, the remaining icons are reduced and organized into their own quadrant.


How to Organize Your Apps Using iOS's App Library