How to easily view the lyrics of a song in Apple Music

How to easily view the lyrics of a song in Apple Music

Apple has been heavily promoting their media streaming services for some time now, with Apple Music being their most popular offering thus far. For those who are unaware, Apple Music is Apple’s very own music streaming service, offering users the world’s largest collection of music, as well as intriguing podcasts that you can follow and listen to at your leisure.

Apple Music has risen through the ranks and is now considered on par with, if not better than, more well-known services such as Amazon Music or Spotify, and the fact that Apple Music membership plans are very similar to those of Spotify makes it a very appealing proposition, particularly for Apple users.

Recently, Apple Music got a lyrics mode update, in which, the lyrics of the song can be toggled on, in case you want to see the words, or maybe even sing along. Turning it on is easy and in this tutorial, we will show you how to do just that.

Let’s get started –

Step 1. Open the Apple Music app on the iPhone.


How to view song lyrics on Apple Music