Google Meet (Hangouts) is a very capable and feature-rich instant messenger from Google. It supports everything from simple messaging to an audio call, and even video calling. On many Android devices, Google Meet (Hangouts) comes pre-installed and is also sometimes the default messaging app on the smartphone.

Now, for some reason, if you want to uninstall the Google Meet (Hangouts) app, whatever the reason may be, this tutorial will tell you what you have to do in order to uninstall the Google Meet (Hangouts) app from your smartphone or tablet.

iOS or iPad device

  1. Navigate to the Google Meet (Hangouts) app.How to delete Google Meet (Hangouts)
  2. Press and hold the Google Meet (Hangouts) app icon.How to delete Google Meet (Hangouts)
  3. Click on the Delete app option.
  4. If your device does not support force touch, you will see an ‘x’ on top of the app. Click on the ‘x’ to delete the Google Meet (Hangouts) app from your device.How to delete Google Meet (Hangouts)

Android Device

If the Google Meet (Hangouts) app is pre-installed on your Android device, you cannot uninstall it. In this case, just sign out of the Google Meet (Hangouts) app.

  1. Open the Google Meet (Hangouts) app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the three-line icon on the top left to reveal a sliding menu.How to delete Google Meet (Hangouts)
  3. In this menu, tap on Settings.How to delete Google Meet (Hangouts)
  4. Tap on the Google Account you are using with Google Meet (Hangouts).How to delete Google Meet (Hangouts)
  5. In the new window, scroll to the bottom and tap on sign out.How to delete Google Meet (Hangouts)

If you have downloaded the Hangouts app from the Play Store, proceed with the standard uninstall procedure as per your device and UI.