When it comes to desktops and laptops, no one does it quite as well as Apple. The Cupertino based tech giant has been dominating the personal computer market ever since the launch of the first iMac and Macbook range.

What sets the Mac apart from the rest of the competition is its iconic design, Plug and play setup, and a very secure and Fluid OS. Apple has been diligently improving their PC lineup, and in an age where smartphones and tablets are performing as well as conventional Desktops, the market for Mac PCs and Laptops is still on the rise.

When it comes to macOS, Apple has been focussed on improving the platform with every release, and while there have been a few off launches, Apple’s macOS platform remains the most secure OS in the market today. However, what we love about MacOS is how simple it really is.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to check the macOS version of your Mac PC/Laptop.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Apple‘ icon on the top left-hand side of your desktop.


How to check the macOS version


Step 2. Click on the ‘About this Mac‘ option from the drop-down menu.


How to check the macOS version


Step 3. You will now see the name of the OS you are running and its version number.


How to check the macOS version


For your information, the latest build that macOS is running is Catalina, version 10.15.6.