How to change the wallpaper on MacBook (Step by Step)

How to change the wallpaper on MacBook (Step by Step)

I absolutely love when I get a shiny new MacBook. Even more exciting than unboxing it is picking that very first wallpaper to make the laptop truly mine.

Call me obsessed, but customizing a new Mac with the perfect background sets the tone for our new working relationship. It’s like dressing up a new friend in an outfit tailored just for them!

Since MacBooks are so ubiquitous, I want mine to stand out from the crowd. And with so many awesome wallpaper options out there, why settle for boring old defaults?

Picking the right wallpaper is serious business. I’ll often ponder for hours, even a full day, before finally deciding. It has to perfectly encapsulate my vibe and style.

The process seems easy on the surface – just change the darn background image, right? But MacBooks actually offer deep wallpaper customization if you dig deeper. The possibilities are endless once you know where to tweak and personalize.

So if you just got a new MacBook and feel overwhelmed trying to make it your own, let me help! I’ll walk you through exactly how to swap wallpapers on a MacBook for a uniquely YOU look.

Let’s get started –

Step 1. Right-click on the desktop of your Macbook. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 2. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the ‘Change Wallpaper’ option.


How to change the wallpaper on MacBook (Step by Step)