How many views do you need to start making money off your Youtube Channel

How many views do you need to start making money off your Youtube Channel

Youtube is home to the largest repository of video content on the internet, and with hundreds of hours of content being uploaded on the platform every day, there is no way that anyone else could overtake this mammoth. In order to contribute to the Youtube platform, the only thing you need is a google account, something you can easily create, and if you have a Gmail account, then the same is also your overall Google account.

When you log in to Youtube using your Google account, you automatically get a channel that you can name, add an image, and even put in a description for the same, depending on the context and the kind of content you want to upload. Once done, you can start uploading your videos onto Youtube and if you are lucky, the algorithm will help push the video so that people can watch it and enjoy it.


How many views do you need to start making money off your Youtube Channel


Now, people like your content, and they want to ensure that they stay connected to your channel in order to watch future uploads, then there is an option for the viewers to subscribe to the channel. Over the years, the number of subscribers you have on your channel has become an informal indicator of how popular your channel is on the platform, and today, a channel with more subscribers tends to get a lot more interaction as compared to smaller channels that may actually be better content creators overall.

Once you start getting some traction as a content creator on Youtube, you can start earning for the effort. There is a common misconception that your channel needs to have a certain number of views in order to be eligible for monetization, but that is not true. In actuality, in order to qualify for the Youtube Partner program, your channel must satisfy the following pre-requisites –

  1. No active community guideline strikes. This means that the content on your channel must not violate any of Youtube’s policies and must conform to the unique community guidelines put forward for your particular niche.
  2. Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. However, you must ensure that the growth is organic. Purchasing subscribers via third party agents will be caught and your channel can also be black listed.
  3. Your videos must have a combined 4000 public watch hours. Even here, the algorithm is designed to clock natural view hours, so any attempt at malpractise in this regard, and once again, your channel can face consequences.

Once your channel satisfies the aforementioned conditions, you can apply to be a part of the Youtube Partner program, and once accepted, you will start seeing targeted ads placed into your videos and whenever your viewers interact with the ad, you start getting paid a small amount. Do not expect to start earning millions, as the payout is quite small and its the cascade effect over a few months that amount to something substantial.

If you enjoy Youtube, you can enjoy it on your smartphones and tablets, via the official app for iOS and Android, using the links below –

Youtube for Android – Click Here

Youtube for iOS – Click Here

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