How Can I Become A Better Poker Player?

How Can I Become A Better Poker Player?

For example, if your preflop raise only results in the big blind calling, and the flop comes up to be an A-7-3, K-Q-2, or an 8-4-2, you need to remember to bet continuously. You might want to check on flops that are 8d-7d-2s and 6c-5c-4c, as they tend to be better for your opponent than your range. Raising your positions from a decently wide range allows you to get away with continuation betting since any flop would be able to better connect with your hand. If you choose to raise with a tight range from a particular position, you may want to consider betting less on certain flops, as they might not all fit your range.

Try Two Barreling

Once you’ve become more familiar with continuation flop betting, it’s time to start two-barreling –– even when you have nothing. As continuation betting becomes increasingly commonplace, observant players are able to call or raise bets in a wider range. In order to combat that, you’ll need to respond with an even wider range, at least until your opponent backs down. 


A general rule of thumb is to always bet once the board changes, such as when additional equity is involved, an obvious draw is completed, a flush draw is turned, etc. You never know how a bet can end up stealing your pot! 

Be Comfortable Post-Flop

When you play in games with higher stakes, it’s common for large posts to emerge after bettering with the flop. Unfortunately, most amateur players are only familiar with betting preflop, which is a result of local casinos who want to get tournaments over and done with.