Honey shopping discounts are part of PayPal's new rewards programme

Honey shopping discounts are part of PayPal’s new rewards programme

PayPal’s Honey purchase is finally yielding results. The payments company has introduced a consolidated PayPal Rewards programme, which combines Honey’s cash back and discount-finding tools with merchant incentives and other PayPal-specific rewards. You now have a centralised location to control and access all of the service’s cost-cutting features. According to the corporation, this will encompass a variety of “card goods” in the future.

The Rewards programme is now accessible in the United States, and you can find it in a separate part of PayPal’s mobile app. If you have Honey Gold points, they will be converted into PayPal Rewards points that you can access in one location by connecting accounts.

PayPal paid $4 billion for Honey in 2019, making it the company’s largest-ever purchase at the time. However, nothing has changed for users. While the name was changed to PayPal Honey, the functionality remained substantially the same – you no longer need a PayPal account to join up. While the new rewards programme does not require the use of PayPal, it does provide an incentive to connect accounts.

If you were already taking advantage of these bargains, the change may not have much of an effect. However, it may be simpler to keep track of them. There’s also a good chance PayPal hopes you’ll use Honey or other money-saving programmes if you haven’t already.

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