Honda Dreams Up Futuristic “XR Mobility” Contraption for VR Cruising

In the future, will we all be casually cruising the virtual world perched atop electric wheeled thrones? Honda seems to think so!

The legendary auto company just unveiled its unique take on augmented/virtual reality entertainment. Dubbed the “XR Mobility Experience,” it plops riders on a funky electric unicycle gizmo called the Uni-One.

Strap on a VR headset and supposedly you’re transported through magical digital worlds filled with exhilarating thrills. Honda promises you’ll feel like “floating in the sky” or “gliding along a half-pipe.” Not gonna lie, that sounds kind of delightful!




So what exactly is this curious Uni-One thingamajig? Engineering-wise, it mashes up electric wheelchair tech with a Segway-esque balancing mobility device. Riders can raise up to full standing height or lower down when needing a rest.

Honda envisions theme parks and malls deploying armies of Uni-Ones for public VR enjoyment. Users would gently steer by shifting body weight, hands remain free for virtually grabbing digital goodies. Speeds max out at a modest 3.7mph, so no deafening wipeouts a la electric scooters.

It’s a creative concept no doubt, albeit with some pragmatic roots. Honda built Uni-One to also serve folks needing more advanced mobility assistance. Offering recreational appeal broadens its business case beyond just medical aid.

Yet as with most prototypes, it’s anyone’s guess whether Uni-One XR will materialize beyond Honda’s SXSW demo. Could it spark a revolution in accessible mixed reality entertainment? Or fade as a novelty like those infamous Honda lawnmowing robots?

I say slingshot the idea into the metaverse and let the people judge! But here’s hoping this doesn’t foreshadow some dystopian Wall-E future where we all permanently plug into VR worlds, never walking normally again. Baby steps, Honda!