Holoconnects Unveils the Future: Affordable, Lifelike Holograms for a Sustainable World

Holograms aren’t just sci-fi anymore! A company called Holoconnects is unveiling some truly cutting-edge hologram tech at CES 2024.

Holoconnects makes three products that can project 3D holographic images of people, products or logos: the Holobox, Modular Holobox, and Holobox Mini. Just connect these devices to power and internet – no fancy setup needed. Then you can instantly beam lifelike holograms to any location!

The company’s tech has tons of potential applications across industries. Hotels could have holographic virtual hosts to check in guests. Brands could display hologram product demos at trade shows without traveling. Universities could livestream renowned guest lecturers from around the world through holograms!

Holoconnects founder André Smith says, “We believe our technology will profoundly impact all sectors and contribute to a more sustainable, fossil-free world.” Instead of flying in speakers, you can beam them anywhere with a Holobox!

At CES 2024, Holoconnects’ Marc Hiemstra spoke about their breakthrough products. He explained how their holograms utilize AI and machine learning for ultra-realistic displays, capturing a person or object’s appearance, voice and gestures.

Marc told me major partners like UNICEF and hospitality giant D&B Group already use Holoconnects tech for fundraising holograms and virtual hotel receptionists. The modular version even projects giant 3D holograms of vehicles that you can walk around!

Competitors exist, but Holoconnects aims to lead with top-tier tech at affordable pricing. After just three years, they already have 25 employees and 100%+ yearly growth. Though startups have imitation tech, none offers the customization and scalability of a Modular Holobox.

Marc said that after conquering Europe, Holoconnects recently expanded to the US.

Their Miami office targets American clients across entertainment, advertising and hospitality. And the long-awaited Modular Holobox launches at this very CES!

With breathtakingly real holograms at accessible prices, Holoconnects seems poised to make high-tech illusions an everyday reality. Their presence at CES 2024 proves they’re determined to shape the future of communications and branding globally.