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Hobbies that are Good for You: How to Find one that suits your personality

So, it is really important to one’s well-being and acts as a therapeutic exercise. We lost our childhood. But this childhood is what kept us happy, gave us joy. Let’s find the lost hobbies and interests and match them with your personality! 

How Hobbies Help Improve Our Mental State 

  • It has been scientifically proven that having a hobby boosts mental health. 
  • Hobbies help lower our stress which helps us get better sleep.
  • It also improves our social connections and working performance. 
  • Hobbies will strengthen your work ethic as one has to deal with people or one’s patience. 
  • It will help improve your concentration skills and memory. 
  • Also, you will become significantly happier. 

The Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology conducted a study with 400 employees to prove that hobbies significantly help one perform better 9-5. They found marked differences between those who engaged in hobbies and those who did not. 

How to Find the Right Hobby? 

  1. Find Something You Truly Enjoy

The key is to find something you genuinely enjoy or are interested in. Sit with your thoughts and brainstorm. Do you like colours or playing games? Singing or playing an instrument? Hobbies can include a whole range of exciting activities such as art, exercise, baking, writing, mastering a new language, or dancing.