Here's why Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari makes no sense for anyone

Here’s why Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari makes no sense for anyone

While Hamilton has previously expressed his dream of racing for Ferrari, it remains uncertain whether he would be willing to compromise his financial expectations to fulfill that aspiration.

However, it is not just Hamilton’s perspective on the salary that could pose challenges; Charles Leclerc’s stance is equally crucial. The Mail indicates that Ferrari intends to pair Leclerc with Hamilton. Considering that Leclerc has already outperformed a former multiple World Champion like Sebastian Vettel, how would the 25-year-old driver feel about his potential teammate earning nearly four times his salary?


Number 2. Ferrari risk upsetting Leclerc by bringing in a driver of Hamilton’s stature


Here's why Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari makes no sense for anyone


The allure of acquiring a seven-time World Champion and the most renowned name in the Formula 1 grid is undeniable. However, Ferrari must seriously question themselves: What would be the cost?

With a significant 13-year age gap between Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, it becomes apparent that the future lies with the younger driver. Leclerc, a five-time race winner, is already growing increasingly frustrated by not being declared the outright number one driver over Carlos Sainz. Should Hamilton join the team, these frustrations would escalate tenfold.

Undoubtedly, Hamilton’s presence would offer valuable wisdom for someone like Leclerc to learn from. However, it is unlikely that Hamilton would be as willing to assume the role of a student as he was when he first joined Ferrari alongside Sebastian Vettel.

Considering that Leclerc’s contract expires in 2024, if this hypothetical partnership fails to make an immediate impact, Ferrari could potentially lose their future star driver. The stakes are high, and the consequences of a misguided decision could be detrimental to the team’s long-term prospects.