Here's how you can play Android games on your PC

Here’s how you can play Android games on your PC

The Android ecosystem has gradually played host to a lot of popular gaming titles. Multiplayer online games and casual indie or puzzle-based games have got an equal fanbase on the platform, with a lot of mainstream gamers slowly making the transition from hefty gaming it’s to more portable smartphones. Even when it comes to the more general gaming crowd, a lot of people have actually got into the gaming scene thanks to the emergence of affordable yet powerful smartphones that not only support the games but actually work without a hitch.

One of the most asked questions is whether these Android games can be played on the PC. This may be because certain gamers find playing on the PC a lot more convenient. The good news here is that you can actually play Android games on the PC, and the only thing you need, is an Android smartphone emulator.

There are many simulators available on the market, but the one we recommend is the Bluestacks emulator. The reason is that Bluestacks has been in the Android emulator scene for a long time and is also compatible with both Windows and Mac, which means OS is no longer a constraint. The main focus for Bluestacks is mobile gaming, but we have found that you can run almost every app on the Play Store, on the PC using this emulator.

If you are new to this whole emulator business, here is how you can get started with the Bluestacks emulator.

Open the web browser on your PC.
In the URL bar enter –

On the home page, click on the ‘Download Bluestacks’ button. Follow the standard procedure and complete the installation.