Here's how Microsoft is releasing Windows 11's first big upgrade

Here’s how Microsoft is releasing Windows 11’s first big upgrade

The Windows 11 2022 Update is now available. Microsoft’s most recent operating system upgrade adds program folders to the Start menu, drag and drops on the taskbar, new touch gestures and animations, and several accessibility enhancements.

Microsoft intends to provide new features to Windows 11 on a regular basis until 2022 and beyond, and the firm is dubbing this the “first big upgrade” to Windows 11, after the release of Android applications, taskbar modifications, and updated Notepad and Media Player apps earlier this year. Next month, another update for Windows 11 will be released, which will feature File Explorer tabs, enhancements to the Photos app, and even recommended actions when copying phone numbers, dates, and other information.

This update, in addition to a number of new features and enhancements, will greatly decrease the download size for these major Windows 11 feature upgrades. Microsoft believes that download sizes for many Windows 11 users will be reduced by roughly 450MB, and the installation time of monthly cumulative updates has also been reduced.

Microsoft is also modifying how it distributes new features to commercial and educational Windows 11 customers, by default deactivating new features delivered outside of yearly releases. These users may instead activate these new capabilities manually or wait until the annual update (like today) when they will be enabled automatically if they opt to deploy the upgrade.

Microsoft has opted to need internet access during the first device setup for Pro versions of the Windows 11 2022 Update, which is disappointing. If you’re setting up a device for personal use, you’ll also need a Microsoft account. This was first seen with Windows 11 Home editions, and many will be irritated to see Microsoft now requiring it for Pro versions.

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If your device is available and compatible, you may download the Windows 11 2022 Update immediately from Windows Update by going to Settings > Windows Update and checking for updates.

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