Hamilton’s Late-Stage Speed Raises Questions After Mexican Grand Prix

F1 Commentator Peter Windsor Speculates on Lewis Hamilton's Final Lap Performance

Lewis Hamilton’s remarkable final lap performance during the Mexican Grand Prix has stirred curiosity and speculation in the Formula 1 community. The seven-time world champion delivered a blistering final lap that left F1 commentator Peter Windsor pondering its significance, particularly in the context of his race strategy.

Hamilton, who faced disappointment with only the second disqualification of his career in the United States Grand Prix due to a technical breach, rebounded strongly in Mexico. Starting from sixth on the grid, he put on an impressive display to secure a second-place finish behind Max Verstappen’s dominant Red Bull.

What caught the attention of many was Hamilton’s electrifying final lap, in which he clocked a lap time of 1:21.334, surpassing Verstappen’s previous fastest lap on Lap 40 by three-tenths of a second. This late surge allowed Hamilton to claim the bonus point for the fastest lap in the race.

Peter Windsor, a former title-winning team manager with Williams, was intrigued by Hamilton’s late burst of speed and the timing of this achievement. In his YouTube race roundup, Windsor mused about the unexpected acceleration.