Haas VF-24 could be even more competitive thanks to new leads

“I must admit, I’m actually very happy with both Kevin and Nico in how they actively contribute to solving the problem and finding a solution. They play a vital role in determining short-term and long-term fixes for our issues, and they maintain a positive attitude. They understand that we can overcome our current struggles,” Steiner commented.

Approaching the upcoming race in Austria, Steiner revealed that they view it partly as a testing session, allowing them to explore various strategies and solutions to improve their race pace.

“We have a lot of things to try in order to address our problems with race pace, so we have a few ideas. With two races this weekend, we have double the amount of time to experiment and attempt different approaches. While our primary objective is always to achieve the best possible result, we may have to compromise that temporarily to gain a deeper understanding of our car’s performance on race day,” Steiner explained.