GravaStar's newest speaker resembles a little crawling robot

GravaStar’s newest speaker resembles a little crawling robot

GravaStar, best known for its science-fiction-inspired speakers with surprisingly decent sound, debuted a new model today. The Supernova Bluetooth speaker is a lantern that also plays music, and it looks like it belongs in the Star Wars prequels. The business markets it as a camping buddy with music, illumination, and weird uniqueness.

The speaker’s metal body is comprised of a zinc alloy. Its lantern-like form can provide customisable lighting effects while changing colour in time with the music. It features 25 watts of power and a 90db rating on the audio front, with a three-inch full-range speaker and a half-inch high-frequency tweeter. If you purchase two of these, it also offers stereo pairing.

The speaker weighs 2.2 pounds and comes with a handle and foldable legs. GravaStar claims a battery life of up to seven hours and a Bluetooth range of up to 20 metres. The Supernova speaker/lantern is now on sale for $180. According to Engadget, the product will be available by the end of March.

GravaStar is also releasing a 65W charger that resembles a mech and a prop from a B-grade 20th-century sci-fi film. The Alpha65 charger features two USB-C connectors and one USB-A port. Moreover, it employs GaN (gallium nitride) technology, which should allow it to be quicker and more energy-efficient than typical silicon chargers. Lastly, a synchronous rectification chip is included to aid decrease power loss while converting AC to DC. The Alpha65 charger is $60 and is available for purchase beginning today.