Google's Rumored Bluetooth Tracker Poised to Outshine Apple's AirTags

Google’s Rumored Bluetooth Tracker Poised to Outshine Apple’s AirTags

One significant advantage of Google’s rumoured Finder Network is the wide range of Bluetooth trackers that Android users will have access to. With the operating system’s Fast Pair standard for seamless connectivity to nearby Bluetooth devices, Android users can expect a smooth and efficient experience when pairing their devices with these trackers.

Moreover, the sheer number of Android devices worldwide, surpassing three billion according to Google’s figures, presents a massive potential for the success of the Finder Network. Similar to Apple’s “Find My” network, Google’s system is expected to utilize the Bluetooth connections of nearby Android users to locate lost items that are offline or out of Bluetooth range. This approach could position Google’s offering as a formidable competitor to Apple’s AirTags and Find My system.