Google's Pixel Watch now has Fall Detection
Image Source - Twitter

Google’s Pixel Watch now has Fall Detection

Google has announced that Pixel Watch fall detection will be available beginning today. Google’s version, like the Apple Watch function of the same name that debuted in 2018, employs motion sensors and algorithms to identify if you’ve fallen and require assistance. Nevertheless, unlike the Apple Watch’s crash detection, Google claims it will not phone 911 in the event of a winter sports mishap.

The Pixel Watch will vibrate, sound an alarm, and show a message checking on you on screen if it senses a probable fall and your inactivity for around 30 seconds. Tap the “I’m OK” button to dismiss the warning if it wasn’t a serious fall; touch “I fell & need help” if you want it to contact 911. Otherwise, the sound will last roughly a minute and become louder in the closing seconds. If you haven’t replied to the alarm by then, it will automatically contact emergency services, playing them an automated message asking assistance at your location. (You’ll also be able to communicate with the 911 operator via the watch.)

You may enable the functionality via the Watch Companion app on your linked phone’s “Updates” tab or in the Pixel Watch’s Personal Safety app.

According to Google, its fall detection should reduce false positives. “Worried that doing burpees or hitting the ski slopes will trigger an accidental emergency call?” Google announced this in a blog post. “Your Pixel Watch knows the difference between taking a hard fall and performing a vigorous physical activity or even quickly recovering from a small stumble — thanks to our machine learning algorithms and rigorous testing. Motion sensors and algorithms can detect a rapid impact as well as your body’s reflexes and intuitive reactions to falling. We trained this process using a broad variety of human and simulated fall data and other motion patterns to accurately detect real falls and minimise potential false alarms.”

Toggling the “Help improve fall detection” option allows you to provide data to help Google improve the service. This will communicate any motion-sensor data recognised as a fall to the firm.