Google Unveils Top Chrome Extensions for 2023, But One Essential Tool Is Missing

Google Unveils Top Chrome Extensions for 2023, But One Essential Tool Is Missing

Google just spilled the beans on its year-end list, and this time it’s all about the coolest Chrome extensions for 2023. Unlike the last month’s Android app awards that covered a bunch of different software, Google is zooming in on extensions that amp up your productivity and make your internet travels smoother.

First off, they’re shining the spotlight on AI-powered tools that help you get stuff done faster. Scribe uses AI to document your workflows and cook up step-by-step instructions for your pals. DeepL Translate, as the name implies, translates web pages on the spot and can even switch up your writing’s language without bothering with Google Translate. Then there’s Sider, a cool suggestion that lets you access ChatGPT from a sidebar.

Moving on to accessibility tools, Transkriptor records audio meetings and turns them into text for your future reference. Google recommends tossing Equalizer into Chrome for better audio controls while binging on media. It lets you tweak those sliders for a unique audio experience.

If reading emails or PDFs isn’t your jam, or you’re just feeling lazy, Speechify is your go-to. It uses a natural-sounding AI voice, and get this, Snoop Dogg is one of the voices. Not much on the customization front except Bonjourr, which turns homepages into a minimalist dream by ditching the search bar and widgets.

Google wraps up the list with a trio of random picks: Coupert helps you snag online promo codes, Boxel 3D throws in a mini platformer game for your break times, and BTRoblox spices up the Roblox website.

Also there’s not a single mention of an adblocker anywhere! Quite the chuckle, considering Google’s ongoing battle against them. They might not want to shout out something they’re not big fans of, but we sure do.