Google Maps' Immersive View is now available in five cities

Google Maps’ Immersive View is now available in five cities

Immersive Vision was created by the firm utilising an AI approach known as neural radiance fields (NeRF), which turns pictures into 3D representations. According to a blog post, Google can “accurately reconstruct the whole context of a location, including its lighting, the texture of materials, and what’s in the backdrop” with the aid of NeRF. “All of this helps you to determine if a bar’s dark lighting is appropriate for a date night or whether the views at a café make it a perfect setting for lunch with pals.”

Google also announced several additional Maps changes. Whether you’re walking, riding your bike, or using public transportation, a feature called “glanceable instructions” will let you trace your trip from your lock screen or route summary. It can advise you where to turn and keep you informed on your projected arrival time, and it will refresh the information if you change your route. Glancable instructions will be accessible in the future months for iOS (through Live Activities) and Android.