Google Cloud's Cloud Spanner Takes on Amazon's DynamoDB with Big Performance Boost

Google Cloud’s Cloud Spanner Takes on Amazon’s DynamoDB with Big Performance Boost

Google's Cloud Database Service Offers More for Less

Google Cloud proudly asserts that “Spanner now offers up to 2x better read throughput per dollar compared to Amazon DynamoDB for similar workloads,” essentially making it a more budget-friendly alternative to Amazon’s offering.

Singh and Shah also reference an Amazon post that boasted DynamoDB’s ability to process 126 million queries per second at its peak. Google now promises a staggering 20-fold improvement, scaling up to 3 billion queries per second.

The competition among major tech companies has been intensifying lately, with antitrust cases becoming a prominent battleground. Google and Amazon, along with Microsoft, are facing scrutiny in the UK, with Ofcom raising concerns about their dominance in the cloud market. These two giants together account for 70-80% of the market in the UK, sharing an almost equal split.