Google Cloud's Cloud Spanner Takes on Amazon's DynamoDB with Big Performance Boost

Google Cloud’s Cloud Spanner Takes on Amazon’s DynamoDB with Big Performance Boost

Google's Cloud Database Service Offers More for Less

Google Cloud has unveiled substantial price-performance improvements for Cloud Spanner, its database management and storage service, and in doing so, has taken a direct shot at Amazon. Google’s Group Product Manager, Jagdeep Singh, and Director of Engineering, Pritam Shah, highlighted the enhanced capabilities of Cloud Spanner, comparing it to Amazon’s DynamoDB, which comes at double the cost.

Notably, Google has significantly improved Cloud Spanner’s performance without altering its pricing structure, making it more cost-effective for businesses and a more formidable competitor to rival services.

The key highlights of this update include “up to a 50% increase in throughput and 2.5 times the storage per node” compared to its previous version, all while maintaining single-digit millisecond latency figures.