Google Chat threading, custom emoji, and security enhancements are on the way

Google Chat threading, custom emoji, and security enhancements are on the way

Throughout the epidemic, Google has progressively improved Workspace, and supporting the hybrid workplace got center priority at this week’s Google Cloud Next event, with new changes including an API @ tagging that can bring information from a third-party app into your Google Doc.

As it competes with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and even Zoom Team Chat, it revealed new Google Chat capabilities and release deadlines for various improvements, including the inclusion of message threading later this month. When Google Chat allows users to design unique emojis later this year, it will also liven up text discussions.

Google is also adding “broadcast-only” places early next year, which will sound designed for one-to-many statements from leaders without the need to tinker with a bunch of settings every time, or make sure everyone’s mic is muted, and so on.

Google Meet and Chat will also get APIs early next year, allowing other applications to set up and start meetings in Meet and begin communications in Chat. Asana, the task management app, and LumApps, the employee software, are the first to get these capabilities.

Google Chat is also the most recent Google Workspace app to provide additional data loss protection capabilities. Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides already have the security function. It may assist “avoid sensitive information breaches” by detecting potentially sensitive content before a worker sends a communication. It is now available for Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education Plus users.