Google Assistant will be available on the Galaxy Watch 4 this summer, according to Samsung

Google Assistant will be available on the Galaxy Watch 4 this summer, according to Samsung

After over a year of anticipation, we now know when Google Assistant will be available on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series. In a way. Samsung executive vice president Patrick Chomet revealed the long-awaited feature will be available this summer in a blog post. It’s anyone’s guess when this summer will arrive.

Google Assistant on Wear OS 3 will enable “faster and more natural speech interactions,” as well as the ability to look up quick answers while on the go, according to Chomet. He also mentioned that Spotify may be controlled by Google Assistant on the watch.

The Google Play Store was a major reason why Samsung chose to collaborate with Google to establish a unified Wear OS 3 platform. Samsung’s smartwatches were traditionally used to promote its ecosystem of products and services, notably its voice assistant Bixby. Wear OS 3 promised to provide Android users more control over the apps and assistants they might utilize. So, if you despise Bixby with the ferocity of a thousand suns, you may instead download Google Assistant.

The main issue is that Google and Samsung never specified when Google Assistant will be available. Both corporations used ambiguous allusions in their announcements, which can be summarised as “It’s coming. Later.” In February, for example, Samsung introduced some new health features for the Galaxy Watch 4 and simply stated that Google Assistant would be available “in the future months.” Just two weeks ago, Verizon unintentionally issued an update log that appeared to indicate the arrival of Google Assistant – but this was not the case.

The timing of this news is excellent. Google has not only formally unveiled the Pixel Watch, which will be available later this year, but it has also stated that other Google services would be available on the Wear OS platform. Google Home and Google Wallet are included.

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While the news today is ambiguous, it does restrict the time horizon. That being said, your definition of “summer” may differ from what Google and Samsung have in mind. Many people consider June, July, and August to be the summer months. Summer 2022, on the other hand, is defined by equinoxes and solstices as June 21st to September 22nd. Also, given that the Pixel Watch is set to launch this fall, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Google Assistant come before the end of the summer. So, expect Google Assistant pretty soon – though how soon is still unknown.

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