Google aims to enhance split-screen apps on mobile, potentially arriving in Android 14

Google aims to enhance split-screen apps on mobile, potentially arriving in Android 14

Google has announced plans to update the App Pairs feature for the native version of Android 14, allowing users to save split-screen app pairings on their devices. Previously, users had to manually pair apps every time they closed them, but this new feature aims to provide a more convenient multitasking experience. Freelance tech journalist Mishaal Rahman discovered this update while exploring the files of the second Android 14 beta. Although the feature is not functional yet, it is expected to work as intended in the future, although it is unclear whether it will be available upon the launch of Android 14.

While some may argue that split-screen saving already exists on Android, it was not available on the base version of Android OS or on Pixel devices. Samsung, for example, introduced its own version of App Pairs on Galaxy phones in 2017, allowing users to save app pairings from the beginning. However, Pixel devices have been lagging behind in this regard, making this update a much-needed addition for Google’s smartphone users.

In addition to the App Pair update, a new multitasking feature has been discovered in the latest Android 14 beta. Industry leaker Nail Sadykov found that Android 14 will enable users to use system navigation while dragging and dropping items. This means that users will be able to effortlessly transfer photos or text from one app to another without the need for copying and pasting. While this feature is not groundbreaking and is already available on other smartphones, its inclusion in Android 14 will enhance the overall user experience.

These upcoming updates, although seemingly small, contribute to improving multitasking and usability on Google’s devices. While other brands have already implemented similar features, Google is catching up and aiming to offer a more seamless and efficient user experience on its Pixel devices. These quality-of-life updates are expected to be welcomed by users and may elevate the Pixel 8 and future models to a more competitive position in the smartphone market.

As we await the official release of Android 14 and the Pixel 8, leaks and rumors continue to surface, including the possibility of a thermometer being added to the Pixel 8 Pro. While the purpose of this inclusion remains unknown, it adds to the anticipation surrounding Google’s upcoming flagship device. For those considering an upgrade, TechRadar has compiled a list of the best Pixel handsets for 2023, providing insights for prospective buyers.

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