Gmail's new interface will not be changing anytime soon

Gmail’s new interface will not be changing anytime soon

This month marks the beginning of Gmail’s permanent changeover to a new integrated look.

Google said in a blog post on Tuesday that the option to return to the old Gmail UI will be removed, so we’ll all have to get accustomed to the new — and very blue — interface. This contains the Material Design 3 typeface as well as Google Sans Text.

Google calls the new Gmail layout the “integrated” view since it includes Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet choices in the far-left sidebar. Hovering over these buttons exposes a little pop-out menu but clicking on them causes the programme to take over the whole screen.

If you find the additional buttons bothersome, you can turn them off in the Settings menu. This removes the unnecessary sidebar and leaving you with a more simplified screen solely for Gmail.

Google began testing this layout in February and has been nudge consumers toward the choice ever since. Back in July, the new layout became opt-out (which means it swapped you over by default). But Google is now ready to make this change permanent, matching it with some of the other updates it has previously made to its Workspace applications, including as Docs, Calendar, and Sheets.

As someone who has been using the new layout for quite some time, we can’t see going back to the previous one. It took some getting used to, but it’s a lot more contemporary, and after we disable the other app settings, it seems like the old Gmail.

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