Meaning – The term remote, refers to computing that is performed at a location that is distant from a central site (such as the office location), usually over a network connection. The remote computing device may be stationary and nonportable, or it may be portable.

The term remote also pertains to a system, program, or device that is accessed through a telecommunication line.

A remote computer is a computer that a user has no access to physically but may be able to access remotely via a network link from another computer.

The TPC/IP protocol is used for connections, especially ones done over the Internet. Since a computer’s IP address is unique, it is used to specifically identify the computer to be accessed remotely through a known network or the Internet.

Example of usage“Remote access software is used to be able to control the remote computer just as if the computer is right in front of the user. TeamViewer, VNC, and Remote Desktop are just a couple of examples of such software.”