GEEK ALERT : Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet Review

GEEK ALERT : Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet Review

Taking a step aside from the usual ensemble of smartphones and other gadgets, we are going to take a look at a product that all of us worldwide need and use – the Wallet. More precisely, I am going to review the new Bellroy coin fold wallet.

 The Bellroy coin fold wallet built with premium leather ,  has  a few nifty tricks up its sleeve, which make it one of the coolest and efficient wallets in the market. Lets dive right into the review, and check it out –


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The Bellroy coin fold wallet is a premium leather wallet measuring 115mm x 82mm. Bellroy has stated that they use only high quality vegetable tanned leather for this wallet, making it safe and also a delight to hold in the hand. The aforementioned size was selected to make room for a multitude of items. It has been built to hold upto from anywhere between 3 and 8 cards, multiple paper currency notes, coins, and even a SIM card via the in built SIM card holder ( you can use it to store your micro SD cards as well. The wallet itself comes in two size variants – The LO variant, which has been designed keeping in mind the size of the US Dollar bills, and the HI variant for notes taller than 75mm. The wallet also comes in various colour schemes, all of which are synonymous with the word ‘Luxury’. Few options available are  – Blue Steel, Black, Java, Tamarillo ( For LO and HI ) and Eucalyptus, Arctic Blue and Caramel ( HI variant only ). Pricing wise, both variants costs the same – $99.95 for any colour variant of your choosing. The two sizes  believe have been offered simply to cater to a worldwide clientele.

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When it comes to usage, the Bellroy coin fold wallet has a no nonsense approach to its design. As you can probably guess from the name, the most important feature in this wallet is the coin hold flap that the designer has incorporated. Made out of three panels of leather, the coin holder ensures that the coins you store are held flat and in place, released only when you pinch the wallet on the sides. Next up we have the flat section to hold your currency bills, and sleek jackets to hold your various cards. The wallet also features a nifty hidden SIM slot to hold an extra SIM card, because, why not. Keeping it all together is a sturdy latch that keeps all your content secure in its place for you to access without a hitch.

The major take away from the Bellroy Coin Fold wallet is without doubt, the nicely designed coin holder. The issue of holding coins in the wallets have plagued men for a while now, and it seems like Bellroy may have finally found the solution. The rest of the features are quite standard , but what sets this wallet apart is the sheer high quality craftsmanship. The product is a true delight to hold and carry around, sleek in design and quite sturdy to use. The slim frame also makes the whole product very easy to carry around, and is quite frankly the icing on the top for this product.

I do believe that the price tag may raise a few eyebrows, but that will not be a hindrance, as the outreach for this product is worldwide, and there are loads of people out there looking for a wallet that will finally save them the embarrassment of random falling coins every time they take out their wallets.

You can easily get yourself a Bellroy Coin fold wallet online from their website and  they ship worldwide. Our Verdict go for it this is a must for every geek out there.