Framework introduces latest Intel and AMD processors to its customizable laptop

Framework introduces latest Intel and AMD processors to its customizable laptop

If there was one concern hanging over Framework’s praised modular laptop, it was how long the firm would continue to support it. After all, firms often speak a fine game about being environmentally friendly and sustainable when they first debut, only to forsake those intentions a year or two later. We’re now three chip generations in, and new mainboards with Intel’s 13th generation Core Processors are being released today. Even better, consumers will soon be able to forego Intel in favour of AMD’s competitor goods, both for new devices and upgrades in all existing models. It’s a remarkable demonstration of faith in its platform, as well as a statement to users that Framework is in this industry, with this chassis, for the long haul.

Intel’s 13th generation Core Processors were initially introduced at CES in January, and Framework is now bringing them to its laptop along with a number of additional improvements. Because it only sells (or sells) one model of laptop, these modifications will be reflected in the product from now on. And these yearly upgrades are intended to solve the issues that some users have faced with the hardware so far. This contains a new hinge that has been developed to be more sturdy than the ones present in previous units. Most crucially, a new, larger 61Wh battery with a host of software changes that should extend the laptop’s runtime by 20 to 30 percent depending on your usage.

The emphasis on addressing consumer problems extends to the display cover, which will now be matte rather than shiny. Similarly, Framework will add the 80dB louder speakers found in its Chromebook to certain of its mainstream laptops. All of these advancements will be available as independent pieces, in keeping with Framework’s normal commitment to supporting its existing users. And, as I explained last year, even someone with no aptitude for updating computer parts may do these adjustments with relative ease. Consumers may now choose their display bezel colour and keyboard selections during the purchasing process, sparing them from having to make two purchases.

Another modification we’ll have to handle is that this computer has been renamed the Framework Laptop 13. This is due to the fact that it now sits beside the company’s new 16-inch gaming machine, which was revealed today.

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