Fortnite's latest season eliminates buildings and replaces them with Doctor Strange

Fortnite’s latest season eliminates buildings and replaces them with Doctor Strange

Fortnite’s new season has here, and this one is a touch weird. Epic Games is releasing Chapter 3: Season 2 of the long-running battle royale, dubbed Resistance; a story teaser (linked above) depicts a variety of opposing forces clashing on the Fortnite island, including a certain Marvel sorcerer.

Epic announced before the season’s formal announcement that it would give two weeks’ worth of Fortnite revenue to Ukraine-related humanitarian operations. This event will take place from March 20th to April 3rd.

The season introduces several significant changes to the game. The most drastic change is that for the time being, constructing has been “wiped out,” eliminating one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Fortnite gameplay. To compensate, players now get an additional protection shield dubbed an “over the shield.” Additionally, a combination of faster running and climbing allows for parkour-like mobility, the addition of blimps and tanks to explore and drive, and a handful of new firearms. Additionally, if players give enough gold throughout the season, they will obtain a driveable replica of the iconic battle bus, which now resembles something straight out of Mad Max.

Along with the game’s and island’s modifications, the new season’s battle pass includes a handful of newly unlocked characters for those who acquire it. The most noteworthy is Doctor Strange, who will return to theatres in May, and he will be accompanied by newcomers such as The Imagined and The Origin. For those who keep up with Fortnite’s ever-expanding history, this season appears to be packed with significant details.

Season 2 follows an eventful first chapter of the game, which began in December. Season one introduced devastating weather, faster movement, and bigger monsters, as well as collaborations with everyone from Bruno Mars to Anderson. Naomi Osaka to Paak. Players might even browse a virtual art exhibition.

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