Former E-commerce Giant Zulily Shuts Down

Former E-commerce Giant Zulily Shuts Down

After over 14 years in business, online retailer Zulily has closed up shop for good – the latest casualty of a punishing ecommerce environment. Despite recent layoffs trying to stabilize finances, the company announced completing an orderly wind-down on December 22nd to pay off creditors.

Remaining assets now enter an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) liquidation process to generate funds for those unpaid debts. This covers attempts to fulfill pending orders over the next two weeks before issuing any necessary refunds as well.

For customers still awaiting items beyond the projected January 22 cutoff, or holding unused gift card balances, filing a proof of claim with the claims agent provides potential recompense. But with no more customer service staff, self-service through the bankruptcy trustee remains the lone recourse.

It’s an unfortunate outcome reflecting persistent hardships across online retail and the broader economy. Layoffs and sell-offs couldn’t resuscitate Zulily as high inflation and dampened consumer spending squeezed growth potential.

The months-long winding down of financial and operational facets means the brand won’t disappear overnight however. Their creditor repayment program intends to wring out assets through early 2025.

So for over 14 years, Zulily brought boutique shopping convenience to countless customers. And while economic storms overpowered their business blueprint, their legacy of online retail adaptation and community persists even as technology and markets transition onward. For crestfallen fans, alternatives undoubtedly await to rediscover the thrill of the digital hunt.