FIA Rejects McLaren's Appeal to Overturn Lando Norris' 'Unsportsmanlike' Penalty

FIA Rejects McLaren’s Appeal to Overturn Lando Norris’ ‘Unsportsmanlike’ Penalty

The FIA has denied McLaren’s attempt to overturn the penalty imposed on Lando Norris for his alleged “unsportsmanlike” behavior during the Canadian Grand Prix. Norris was given a five-second time penalty for slowing down under Safety Car conditions to allow teammate Oscar Piastri to pit ahead of him without holding himself up too much. McLaren filed a petition for a right to review the penalty, but the stewards rejected it during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

A petition for a right to review is the initial step in the process of appealing a penalty. McLaren submitted evidence to persuade the stewards that there was new, significant, and relevant information available that wasn’t considered at the time of the penalty. However, the stewards found that McLaren’s evidence did not meet the necessary criteria.