Ferrari Announces Launch of Three New Cars in 2024

Major news struck the Formula 1 realm this week with Lewis Hamilton signing a multi-year Ferrari deal starting in 2025. He will replace Carlos Sainz to partner with Charles Leclerc, who recently extended his contract beyond 2024. Ferrari’s road car plans also generated headlines based on 2023 sales figures and teases of new models.

Ferrari sold 13,663 vehicles last year, a 3% increase over 2022. Demand has fully booked production through 2025, meaning new orders would take until 2026 for delivery. Still, amidst managing incredible interest, Ferrari plans three new vehicle launches in 2024.

Most anticipated is the long-developing LaFerrari successor hypercar spotted testing in recent prototypes. Internally called “Project F250,” it may finally emerge this year flaunting a plug-in hybrid twin-turbo V6 with technology trickling down from Ferrari’s 2023 Le Mans program.

If true, this would mark Ferrari’s first non-V12 hypercar since the legendary F40. Production reportedly includes 599 coupes, 199 convertibles down the road, and 30 track-only XX models. The coupe would launch assembly late 2024.

Additionally, the 812 Superfast replacement appears poised for 2024 debut. Caught testing disguised as a Roma, it should retain a naturally aspirated V12 sending over 800 horsepower rearward, upholding emotional ties to Ferrari’s heritage.

The third 2024 debut stays mysterious but could be an Icona model, Purosangue variant or unique project. The long-awaited EV will not arrive until 2025 when Ferrari’s new electric-focused production facility opens.

This year of growth and transformative vehicles reflects strong leadership from CEO Benedetto Vigna. After announcing approximately €13,500 bonuses for employees, his vision primes Ferrari for a landmark 2024 across automotive and racing endeavors. Both on track and road, Ferrari pushes to extend excellence into a new era.