Experience Ford's BlueCruise Advanced Driver Assist through Subscription

Experience Ford’s BlueCruise Advanced Driver Assist through Subscription

For the 2024 model year, Ford plans to equip around 500,000 vehicles in North America with BlueCruise, a significant increase from the current installation on approximately 225,000 vehicles. This expansion also extends to Lincoln vehicles, including the 2024 Navigator and Nautilus lines, as well as select trims of the Lincoln Corsair. The pricing structure for Lincoln models remains consistent with that of Ford vehicles.

Ford is continuing to enhance the BlueCruise technology. The upcoming BlueCruise 1.3 version aims to improve performance when navigating curves and narrow lanes. According to Ford, this version will allow drivers to keep their hands off the wheel for a longer duration compared to the previous iteration. BlueCruise 1.2, introduced earlier this year, added features such as hands-free lane changes, in-lane repositioning, and predictive speed assistance.