Experience Ford's BlueCruise Advanced Driver Assist through Subscription

Experience Ford’s BlueCruise Advanced Driver Assist through Subscription

Ford has announced an expansion of its BlueCruise hands-free driving technology, making it available as a standard feature on all supported vehicles. Previously, customers had to choose whether to add this option when purchasing a vehicle, and that choice was irreversible. With the new approach, BlueCruise will be installed on supported vehicles by default, giving customers more flexibility to activate it later or only during specific periods, such as road trips.

While customers still have the option to include BlueCruise in their vehicle’s purchase and financing, Ford is introducing subscription models for accessing the technology. Annual subscriptions are priced at $800, and monthly subscriptions can be obtained for $75. The initial purchase option costs $2,100 for three years. Ford is also offering a 90-day free trial period for those who don’t activate BlueCruise during the initial purchase.