Elon Musk has stated that Twitter will create a "moderation committee" before reinstating banned accounts

Elon Musk has stated that Twitter will create a “moderation committee” before reinstating banned accounts

Twitter is not likely to make major changes to its content policies now that Elon Musk owns the firm. Musk has declared that the social network will develop a moderation committee with “widely different opinions,” and that no “important” content judgments or ban reversals would be made until that council meets, according to the entrepreneur.

Musk has yet to designate council members or establish a timetable for its formation. The Tesla CEO has promised to make significant adjustments to Twitter’s moderation policy, including lowering overall standards and reducing permanent bans on persons like Donald Trump. However, according to the council plans, Musk may need some time to execute a new method and may outsource at least some responsibilities. He recently attempted to convince advertisers that Twitter will not become a “free-for-all hellscape” where adverts are shown alongside gruesome messages.

This isn’t to imply Musk avoids making quick judgments. He has already sacked a number of officials, including policy director Vijaya Gadde. Musk allegedly warned rank-and-file employees that he will not lay off as many people as previously anticipated, but he is still likely to slash employment in the near future. Tesla engineers are said to be assisting with a code review that might result in technical modifications.

Critics will be monitoring the council keenly if and when it arrives. Conservatives have often accused Twitter of censoring right-wing opinions, even going so far as to pass state legislation requiring social media platforms to host more content. Others, however, have disputed the reports, arguing that robust moderation is required to prevent hate speech and disinformation from spreading. A moderating panel, in theory, covers all sides of the issue, but its usefulness is far from proven at this point.

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