EasyPark Faces Data Breach, Millions of Customers at Risk

EasyPark Faces Data Breach, Millions of Customers at Risk

EasyPark customers may want to keep extra vigilant watch on their accounts following a data breach impacting a subset of European users. While details remain slim around the December 10th cyberattack, exposed information could equip scammers with avenues for identity fraud and phishing schemes.

According to EasyPark, stolen data includes names, contact information, addresses, and partial credit card numbers. Though the company assured partial card data limits unauthorized transactions, users should still monitor statements for suspicious charges.

More pressingly, contact and login information in criminal hands enables personally-crafted phishing attempts. Users should refrain from opening unsolicited communications claiming to be from EasyPark, instead accessing notifications directly through their app. Resetting account passwords and updating credentials duplicated across other services also helps shore up vulnerabilities.

For affected individuals, notifications are being sent through the EasyPark platform itself alongside email and SMS alerts. Checking the app directly allows customers to immediately confirm potential compromise of their accounts.

In the aftermath, EasyPark says they’ve notified appropriate security bodies and are working to reinforce defenses. But with personal data now leaked into the digital underground, customers carry an equal burden in ensuring their identities and money stay protected. Scrutinizing communication, securing login information, and generally heightening caution are imperative.

Even fractional exposure in a data breach can empower follow-on criminal activity through social engineering and identity theft. EasyPark clients concerned around what data sits in criminal hands can draw on guidance from breach victim resources while remaining vigilant themselves against scams. Minor early action goes a long way to mitigate personal impacts of the larger attack.