Lottery fever swept the globe in January 2016 when the American Powerball set a new world record with a $1.58 billion jackpot. Three winning tickets shared that amazing prize; each of them received a lump sum cash payment of $327.8 million.

The current Powerball jackpot is set at $310 million. With two weekly draws, and increased ticket sales, the jackpot could rollover and in a very short time pass the $1 billion mark. And if the Powerball doesn’t set a new record, its rival American lottery, the Mega Millions, could be the one to award a top prize never previously imagined.

With jackpots in the hundreds of millions of dollars, excitement swells all over the world. Lottery fans everywhere want to play for a prize that will make their wildest dreams come true. The odds of winning the jackpot may seem insurmountable, but eventually someone wins the top prize. The only way to participate, it seems, is by rushing to the nearest retail store to purchase tickets.

Or is it? What about the millions of lottery fans around the globe who eye the American jackpots with envy yet are unable to fly to the United States to buy tickets? Are they to be left out of the action? Not if they play the lottery with an online ticket purchasing service such as

TheLotter uses local agents to buy official lottery tickets on behalf of its customers. In its role as a ticket courier service, theLotter charges a transaction fee and in return customers receive a scan of their tickets before the draw. No commissions are taken from winning tickets. The system works, as can be seen in the story of an Iraqi who won a $6.4 million jackpot in Oregon without ever leaving his home.

Shocking story of Iraqi who won Oregon Megabucks jackpot

Baghdad resident M.M. had been playing with theLotter for a few months when he purchased tickets for the Oregon Megabucks lottery in August 2015. A few days after the draw, M.M. was driving in his car when he got a call from one of theLotter’s customer service representatives. He was informed that he had won a $6.4 million jackpot.

The story of an Iraqi man winning an American lottery was so unusual that it was reported in media outlets all over the world. The story appeared in the New York Times, CNN, NBC, the Daily Mail, the Associated Press, and more. All of them noted that it was perfectly legal for foreigners to win American lottery prizes when they purchase official tickets online at theLotter.

The Oregon Lottery has since conducted a review of theLotter’s ticket purchasing services and concluded that the procedures handled by theLotter’s local Oregon office are an approved method of lottery ticket purchasing.

Powerball once again has a massive jackpot

In 2016 alone, three players purchasing their lottery tickets at theLotter had huge Powerball success. P from Quebec; H.V. from El Salvador, and B.U. from the UK all became instant millionaires after winning huge prizes in the American lottery without being physically present in the United States to buy their tickets.


The Powerball’s current $310 million jackpot is making it very attractive to play that lottery right now. Purchasing tickets at theLotter is a simple and secure process. With a little bit of luck, a lottery ticket purchased online can win an incredible jackpot prize.