Eargo 7: The little hearing aids you won't have to remove when showering

Eargo 7: The little hearing aids you won’t have to remove when showering

Most consumers still connect hearing aids with bulky, unpleasant equipment linked with ageing and medical concerns. One business, though, is attempting to reverse that attitude. For its elegant appearance, innovative functionality, and user-friendly approach, Eargo, a firm that specialises in “invisible” hearing aids, has been compared to tech heavyweights like Apple and GoPro.

The Eargo 7 is the newest model in the company’s hearing aid line, and while it isn’t a significant step up from its predecessors, it still has a number of features that make it an attractive alternative for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. One of the Eargo 7’s noteworthy features is its “Sound Adjust” function, which automatically adjusts the settings based on the user’s environment. This functionality is required for taking the hearing test in the app and personalising the hearing profiles.The Eargo 7’s IPX7 certification is another characteristic that distinguishes it from comparable hearing aids. This implies that the hearing aids are water-resistant and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes. While they aren’t advertised as completely waterproof, their rating makes them an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to wear them throughout a workout or even in the shower.