Duet AI from Google can now compose your emails for you

Google has been testing out new generative AI features in its online office software for a number of months, much like its main rival Microsoft, before it announced the general availability of Duet AI for Google Workspace in August.

Business customers can choose to give employees access to GenAI’s features, including real-time writing and editing, for $30 per user per month.

The Duet AI in Gmail, in particular, is particularly notable because it can handle email creation for busy workers who must send out repetitive and frequent emails.

Following months of beta testing, the company declared at its annual Google Cloud Next conference that it would make the feature accessible in Gmail. Simple prompts are transformed into a draught copy by the content-writing AI, which is accessible in Gmail and Docs, and is then ready for the employee to review.

They can also decide to change the formality and level of detail of already written material.

According to the announcement, Google hopes that the Gmail-based AI tool will be just as useful for messaging coworkers as it will be for writing to new clients and customers.

Customers must purchase the Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on, which has already been released and is accessible on compatible accounts, in order to take advantage of the new features. The text generator is one of many features that will soon be available on desktop and mobile platforms.

Duet AI in Docs, which also promises to create and edit content, as well as a new AI-powered proofreader designed exclusively for Docs are both launching at the same time and aim to compete with Grammarly and other industry heavyweights by addressing spelling, grammar, conciseness, the active voice, word choice, and sentence splitting.

It’s not yet clear how much money AI assistance workers will ultimately receive or whether the current $30 subscription will have additional tiers. Google has, however, indicated that there will be a tonne more features soon.