Domino’s Launches Pinpoint Delivery: Pizza Delivery to Almost Anywhere

Domino’s Pizza is revolutionizing pizza delivery in the US with its new Pinpoint Delivery feature, allowing customers to have their favorite pies delivered to any GPS pin they drop on a map. Whether you’re at the beach or on the soccer field, Domino’s will bring the pizza to you. The company has confirmed that deliveries are available anywhere a restaurant serves, as long as the driver can safely pull over.

With Pinpoint Delivery, customers can enjoy pizza wherever they desire, expanding beyond the limitations of a fixed address. Imagine having a hot pizza waiting for you at the trailhead after a mountain hike or treating your team to a meal without leaving the field. While deliveries won’t be made to locations like the top of a mountain during an active hike, Domino’s will gladly deliver to the trailhead once you’ve returned to your car.