Discord has added video to Stage Channels, a broadcast function similar to Twitter Spaces

Discord has added video to Stage Channels, a broadcast function similar to Twitter Spaces

Discord is developing Stage Channels, a feature similar to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces that focuses on a small group of speakers presenting a discussion to a broader audience. Stage Channels started as an audio-only tool over two years ago, but that’s set to change as Discord adds video feeds, screen sharing, and text chat to the mix.

A video stream may be shared by up to five individuals. Someone else’s screen may be shared at the same time. As always, no audio or video from audience members will be aired unless they are requested to join the speakers.

Since video consumes much more bandwidth than audio, Discord has set certain restrictions. Every server that has enabled the free Community features may allow video and screen sharing in Stages with up to 50 individuals, including the hosts. Yet, Discord points out that this is more than twice the maximum viewer capacity for video chat in standard speech channels. In Tier 2, boosted servers may host up to 150 players on a video Stage and 300 at Tier 3.

Nevertheless, text chat is the same as voice chat. In the top right of the panel, click “Show Chat” to ask questions or comment on what the speakers are talking about. Moreover, moderators have the flexibility to only allow users with particular defined responsibilities to share video or their screen on a server.

Meanwhile, Discord will now play waiting room music as you wait for a Stage to begin. If you don’t want to hear it, you may turn it off by pressing the eighth note () button.

While Discord players will not be able to broadcast their video Stage talks to as many people as they do on platforms like as Twitch, this will undoubtedly be a nice upgrade. Stage Channels have been used to host AMAs, fireside talks, live podcast recordings, beatboxing competitions, and other events. Creators may now utilise the functionality for premium gaming streaming if they so choose.

Adding video to the mix provides users additional options without requiring moderators to mute and unmute too many individuals. It’s also handy for audience members since it makes it more difficult to mistakenly unmute oneself during a Discord video session. Make sure your mic muting hotkey isn’t one you hit frequently, guys!

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