Dell 6K monitor offers better value than Apple Pro Display XDR

Dell 6K monitor offers better value than Apple Pro Display XDR

Apple enthusiasts who appreciate the sleek design and performance of the Pro Display XDR may be interested to know that Dell offers a comparable 6K 32-inch monitor at a significantly lower price point. The Dell U3224KB, priced at $3,199.99, presents an enticing alternative for those who don’t want to break the bank for an Apple logo.

While the Dell U3224KB matches the Pro Display XDR in size and resolution, there are a few differences to consider. The Dell monitor holds a DisplayHDR600 certification, providing a decent level of brightness suitable for most users, although it falls short of Apple’s impressive 1,600-nit peak rating.

However, the Dell U3224KB offers a range of features that make it a strong contender in the market. It includes a 4K HDR webcam, 14W speakers, and echo-canceling microphones for high-quality conference calls. The monitor also provides ample connectivity options with USB-C and USB-A ports, eliminating the need for additional hubs. The Thunderbolt 4 connector is particularly noteworthy, as it can deliver up to 140W of power to compatible laptops, making it ideal for users with a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Another advantage of the Dell U3224KB is its ability to connect two computers simultaneously and function as a KVM switch, allowing users to control both systems with a single keyboard and mouse. This feature positions the Dell monitor as an attractive option for Mac users seeking an excellent external display.

Of course, the Dell U3224KB has its limitations. Its 60Hz refresh rate lacks the smoothness of a 120Hz display, and it utilizes an LG IPS panel without full array local dimming like the Pro Display XDR. However, considering the price tag of $3,199.99, which is comparatively reasonable for a monitor of this caliber, these drawbacks may be easier to overlook.

Given the Dell U3224KB’s combination of price, features, and performance, it begs the question of whether Apple should consider launching a similar mid-range monitor between the Pro Display XDR and the more affordable Studio Display. The upcoming Apple WWDC 2023 event could serve as an ideal platform for such an announcement, as the market could benefit from more options in the 6K 32-inch segment. If Apple were to add its iconic logo and incorporate some of the advanced ports and features found in the Dell U3224KB, it would likely be met with enthusiasm from customers looking for a balance of quality and affordability.